​​Providing Peace-of-Mind for Pets and People

​​​​​​​...the K9 Nannies


30 or 60 minute walks  on leash near the dogs home (no transportation)

In-Home Overnight Sits

I become the surrogate human, providing all services the dog receives on a normal day/night.  The dogs home becomes my home and I "live" at the dog's home throughout the entire sit period.   Dogs may or may not be in constant supervision. 

In-Home Day Care

Same as In-Home Overnight Sit except no overnight stay.  Dogs are under constant supervision unless otherwise discussed and agreed.


Pick up and drop off for any occasion.  Vet, grooming, day care, etc.  Transportation is included in Dog Park Visit quotes.  Dogs are under constant supervision. 

Socialization/Basic Obedience

This service could be as simple as taking a dog to a populated area, a specific visit with another dog, or some 1 on 1 time reviewing basic obedience commands.  Dogs are under constant supervision. 

Dog Park Visits

This service includes pick up and drop off transportation.   Timings and individual or group visits are available, I'm very flexible.  Dogs are under constant supervision.